What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Those silly British

Someone made a post about a news article where people thought they'd die if they answered the phone, and how those people were silly for thinking that. Anyway, I had a conversation with an Anonymous British Friend (ABF) that went something (exactly) like this:

[13:27] ABF: Who's the third twin?
[13:28] Me: the one who died when he answered the phone
[13:29] ABF: I must be missing something... back up a few
[13:29] Me: you know that post about people dieing when they answer the phone
[13:29] ABF: yeah
[13:29] Me: yeah, and it said those people were gullible
[13:30] ABF: yeah
[13:30] Me: well, it's true... I used to have another twin... he died suddenly one day back in 1985 when he answered the phone
[13:30] Me: that's why I have callerID today
[13:30] ABF: I'm not sure whether you're yanking my chain, or serious...
[13:31] Me: why don't you go look up gullible in the mirror :)
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