What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

I am still Bob Vila

Friday afternoon, I snuck out of work a little early and did some random errands before heading over to Lowe's and picking up a new bathroom faucet (it's cheaper than a new floor). I got home, and started installing it (after struggling mightily to get the old one out). I realized I didn't have any plumbers putty, so I skipped that step (step 1), and continued to dry fit everything. This would have been easy, except that it came with a new drain assembly. I debated installing it, and decided I should, in order to make the chrome match. Well, as it turns out, the new drain assembly is considerably shorter than the old one. So, I went back to Lowe's and wondered around till I found putty, and found the drain extensions and stared at them for 10 minutes, wondering if I had 1 1/4" pipe, or 1 1/2" pipe. I went with the 1 1/4" x 6" extension, and headed home. It turns out, I was right. I finished assembly (with plumbers putty), and had all but the last drain piece tight when Travis got him. The faucet is nice, functional, and my sink drain a lot faster now! I'm happy.
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