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I need a goal. I have found a new bike computer (Polar S725) that will actually tell me everything I want it to tell me. Who woulda thought? Anyway, speed, cadence, altimeter, total climbed, heart rate, distance, etc. Now, I don't want to go out on a whim and buy it. Well, I do, but I won't. For one, it's not cheap. For two, I need to motivate myself to get it. I am trying to figure out what my goal should be to get the new computer. I have come up with the following choices:
a) Ride a 50mi ride (in less than 4 hours)
b) Ride a century (100mi) ride (in less than 8 hours)
c) Get my down weight to 175lbs (80kg)
d) Ride 500mi in one month
e) Just get it :-)

I am presently leaning toward a. I've never done a 50mi ride (most was 26mi), yet it's still obtainable. Granted, I think it may be a little TOO obtainable; and it wouldn't motivate me to do more. The other side of the coin is that I think the new computer would actually help me achieve the other goals; since I would be able to train better/smarter.

So, for now I will continue to ponder.
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