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I went for a nice little 6 mile ride to a bike shop yesterday where I test rode 3 new bikes (2 miles each), then rode home (another 6 miles) on my sad little bike.  In short, I rode a little over 17 miles, and felt pretty darned good.  The hills that I thought were ugly last year weren't so much a problem.  Granted, my legs burned going up some of the hills, but nothing like I remember last year.  Also, despite the face that my heart rate was high, I wasn't having any problems with breathing.  I was getting all the oxygen I needed, and was able to power my way up hills.  I don't know why I feel better this year, but I do.  The century may have something to do with it (the mental part of going up hills, and their sizes).  It'll be interesting to see how I feel in a month.
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