What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
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I went for a bike ride yesterday.  I hadn't gone in a couple days due to other commitments and holiday traveling.  Anyway, it was hot (88-90F) and humid, so I thought I'd do a short 15-20 mile ride.  No such luck.  Glen wanted to do something 'different', so I decided to take him up some pretty nasty hill (including one climb of 2 miles which we ascended nearly 200ft).  The fun part though was the downhill on the other side.  46.9mph!  Nothing like a pothole, lyrca and a helmet away from certain death.  Seriously, that is one of the biggest rushes.

Anyway, 30 miles and a gallon of sweat later, I returned home.  Did 20 minutes of weight lifting, ate dinner, then went for a run (seriously, what WAS I thinking).  I ran a nice conservative 10 minutes (1.13 miles).  I promptly went home and crashed (after showering).  Tonight is a veg night, I think.
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