What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Tweets, one day at a time

  • 08:00 oatmeal or omelet... I know which one I should do, but it's not the same as what I want.
  • 08:02 it's cold out this morning. secondary streets are slick, main roads are wet. Easy commute.
  • 08:21 okay, setting the thermostat on the floor to 78 is NOT cool.
  • 08:27 woo hoo, Windows 7 Beta 1 on MSDN today
  • 08:45 it's snowing now... quite hard at that.
  • 09:13 Snow downtown snipurl.com/9mtpy
  • 12:57 watching Air Force One on Boxee. check it out at www.hulu.com/watch/46034
  • 12:57 watching Dude, Where's My Car? on Boxee. check it out at www.hulu.com/watch/12613
  • 12:58 watching Gattaca on Boxee. check it out at www.hulu.com/watch/46029
  • 19:47 2 pieces of pizza, I could so go for 2 more, but must save room for beer.
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