What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Tweets, one day at a time

  • 22:09 Speech was pretty good
  • 08:51 Feeling a bit under the weather this morning. Hopefully today won't be stressful.
  • 09:16 Thinking I should actually get to Jury Duty.
  • 10:03 I forgot a fork, that will make eating lunch very difficult
  • 10:50 There are a lot of really cool people on twitter... and then, there are the pyramid scheme/ad ridden twitter feeds...
  • 10:54 and we're off again...
  • 14:40 I love that my POS Dell just decided to stop working in the middle of me actually being productive on it. I'm getting a mac next time.
  • 16:06 pondering plans for dinner, exercising and napping.
  • 16:11 getting out the trainer and riding whilst watching TV wouldn't be a bad idea... though I fear my butt will hurt afterwards :)
  • 19:34 I could so use a piece of cake right now.
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