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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum....

I borrowed Lisa's car to go to the gym on Monday night. Wouldn't you know, I left the lights on. I had to call 3 people to get her car started again. Good times.

New furniture came on Saturday, right on time. I should take pictures.

Not much else going on at the moment. School work, house work, school work, work work.

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My homework for this week looks interesting, but boy will it be challenging:
  • Plot the current yield curve from the interest rates of US Treasury securities as found in WSJ or IBD, or examine the chart WSJ or IBD provides. Do not send the curve, but do describe and define it (Normal or Inverted).
  • Describe the trend of interest rates over the last several years.
  • Give me you best educated estimate of where interests are headed over the next year and justify your answer.
  • Determine the approximate percentage appreciation or depreciation of the NASDAQ Composite, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the S&P 500 for the last 12 months and provide these figures.

Tweets, one day at a time

  • 07:22 morning twitterfolk
  • 08:17 morning to non-twitterfolk as well :)
  • 17:08 It's very windy. Bad day for biking.
  • 19:06 Utah Legalizes Homebrewing ... ... Hooray! (Freagin' pathetic that it took so long.) (via @BeerAdvocate
  • 21:22 I was really bad at tennis tonight. Forehand actually was bad. My serve rocked the free world.
  • 21:54 Girl at gym when leaving, "oh, it's raining!!". Me, "it's not snowing." Her, "very good point!"
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You may remember me from such events as 2008 and earlier!

A couple questions came my way a few days ago. I'm here to provide answers..

Are you getting ready for spring and biking season to finally arrive? Or have you decided to leave off biking this year?
I took off pretty much everything last year, running, biking, moving.  I severely strained (more likely tore) my right quadricept playing softball.  I was running down to first when bad things happened.  I couldn't walk for about a week, and was out of running and biking for the season.  That happened in June (I think).  To this day, it still hurts, but I'm slowly getting back into running and biking to try to help it along.  I'm also been playing a bit of tennis.

How's Spencer doing? It's been a goodly while since most of us have heard anything about him. Oh, and how's the kitten? (I'm assuming said kitten is a cat, by now.)
Spencer is a very rowdy almost 7 year old.  He's going with Travis when he moves out, so I'll be getting a new dog eventually, just not right away.  Abby is doing quite well too.  She's going to miss Spencer though, I fear.

Is work treating you fair? Are you still at the same company?
Still at Thomson Reuters.  Same company, but the name has changed a dozen times.  Things are still pretty good.  Lots of ups and downs, but I have a job.

How has the recent down-swing in the the economy effected you?
Aside from the lower raises at work, it hasn't affected me directly, at least not yet.

I'm hoping you finished remodeling the bathroom by now, too.
I am - I finished the part that Travis was supposed to do.  He's a slacker.  The master bedroom is getting remodeled in a couple weeks though.  New floor, new closet, etc.  I'll post pictures.

I'd ask about your personal life, but those questions would go beyond the comment limitations.
I'm still dating Lisa :)


Tweets, one day at a time

  • 07:58 morning twitterfolk... Looks to be a busy day ahead.
  • 08:49 "The Asteroid Galaxy Tour - Around the Bend" is a catchy song.
  • 17:24 I give up
  • 18:38 Mapped 03/24/2009 Route (1.57 mi.)
  • 18:43 Completed New Shoes. 225 (kcal). 1.55 mi.. 00:16:00
  • 19:02 I have no idea where my iPod shuffle (2g) dock is. New ones are $30??????
  • 20:04 wondering if the whitehouse provides free wi-fi?
  • 20:37 so far, only 1 #macheist app piques my interest
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Tweets, one day at a time

  • 09:03 morning twitterfolk. Had a tennis match this morning. Lost badly. My head wasn't in it
  • 11:30 Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #rochester #biking #programming
  • 12:29 registered for summer I term. Tha'll put me over 1/2 way through grad school!
  • 13:53 thank you for screwing me over sharebuilder
  • 17:52 neat, I just had to kill the dock on my mac... I thought it wasn't supposed to do crap like that?
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