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Well it's Friday! I need to recount Thursday first...

It stormed pretty good last night, and I was wondering if Frisbee would be cancelled. I went anyway, and a few other people on my team did too. Unfortunately, there weren't enough to play a real game, so we forfeited. We ended up playing a scrimmage though, but we only had 5 people, so no substitutions. I spent 90 minute running around a lot, just like soccer, except soccer players are in better shape than me. Oh well, it was a good time.

While I was on my way to Frisbee, there was a 5 car accident on I-490, where a 12 year old kid was killed. There were apparently 4 cars stopped and a pickup came up at 55-60mph and hit the car in the back, killing the kid who was a passenger in the car. The guy that sits next to me here at work was in the car in front of the one that had the 12-year-old in it. He is ok, physically, but is having a tough time emotionally now.

Back to Friday... apparently Xerox 'miscounted' up to $6 billion in revenue. whoops.

I also didn't sleep too well last night. Think it is because I was a little dehydrated from doing lots of running last night, and drinking water wasn't really helping, since that just meant I got up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom and get another drink... such is life.

At least the weekend is rapidly approaching

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