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What a weekend.

This last weekend was very busy, but very good.

I got home Friday to find a package on the table for me. My dad had gotten my a Yaesu VX-7R handheld ham radio transceiver. I wouldn't have needed one, but Travis lost my Kenwood D7A. This one is a lot smaller, and does 50MHz, 140MHz, 220MHz, and 440MHz which is nice. There are a few quirks with the radio, which I will detail later in 'review'. In general, it is really nice.

Also, on Friday, my gift from Travis came, which was a SliMP3 player. He already had it set up and working when I got home. I also really like that, in general. There are a few quirks in it though, which I will also detail later in my review. These problems can resolved though, since it is open source.

Saturday I woke up and went running. I didn't go terribly far, but I did get my mile in. After returning and actually waking up, I decided I needed to run Ethernet to the family room for the SliMP3. I got my hole/wall cutter, and realized the locking mechanism to change bits was broken, so I spent the next 30 minutes taking it apart and fixing it. I then proceeded to cut a hole for the jack right on top of a stud. A stud finder wouldn’t have helped though because there is wood paneling on top of the drywall, which has lots of nails in it. I managed to get the cable run though. Afterwards, Travis decided he wanted to build a J-Pole antenna for his amateur radio project for the RIT Amateur Radio Club. So we spent 2 hours or so doing that, getting it tuned, and putzing around. Bret came by Saturday night, and strayed in the guest bedroom, because...

Sunday we got up bright and early and went to the Sterling Renaissance Faire. Took a good deal of pictures, which are available here. It was a hot day out though, so I tried to watch the shows sitting in the shade. I had seen most of the shows in the past, so I spent most of the time wondering around, and just relaxing. It was Scottish weekend, so there were lots of Scottish events, which was fun. I got home around 7:30, ate something and relaxed for a bit. I went to bed early because I was completely exhausted. I was still tired this morning though.

Lots of work to do today, so time to get back to it... until I write the reviews later today.

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