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Sunny and 70

The weather here today was near perfect. It was about 70-75 with lots of sunshine. It was a bit breezy, but nothing terrible. Eric and I went to the grocery store this morning, and there was a really strange man in line in front of us. He asked Eric what his name was, and Eric replied, 'You can call me Jason'. I was laughing a lot. We came back and decided to make a frozen pizza for lunch. The directions indicated that we were supposed to place the pizza directly on the center oven rack. We did. Well, 20 minutes later, we opened the oven to find that most of the pizza had FALLEN THROUGH the slots in the oven rack. We then cooked some fish sticks. Eric will be calling to complain later this week.

As I was sitting here working on my Parallel, I looked outside and realized that it was a great day and that I should go out and do something. I discussed with Eric, and we decided that a bike ride was in order. Eric doesn't have his bike here, so we went up to Travis' to borrow his bike. We asked Travis and Jennie if they would want to join us, except that they would be rollerblading, and we would bicycle. They agreed. I decided that the Erie Canal trail would be a good place to ride. We went down that way, and Eric and I went toward Genesse Valley Park, and Travis and Jennie went the other direction. Eric and I rode about 3 miles in the direction of the park and then decided to go the other direction in search of Jennie and Travis, and we ended up going a total of about 8.5 hours. Nothing too far, and we went for 45 mins, but not bad for the 1st ride of the season. I am a little sore right now though.

Came back and worked on Parallel some more. It is coming along nicely; the client/server part anyway. The actual computational part isn't started yet. I wanted to work on it a lot, since I should be getting a new Java assignment this week, and that will limit my free time some more. I then made Chicken Parmesan for dinner, which was excellent, as usual. Plan on working on Parallel some more, and then getting to bed at a reasonable (yeah right) hour.

I talked to my mom today, who said my student loan payments were going to be about $250/month, which isn't great, but isn't too bad. I need to find someone to pay them off for me :)

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