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A 6 hour nap

I got home late last night, because I was at Tony's place playing Monopoly, eating food, and having a good time. It was Tony's 38th birthday. Scott, Travis and I bought him a copy of Neverwinter Nights, and I wrapped it, in the style that mom would be proud of (well taped). It took him 5 minutes to actually get it open. He once attempted to get a knife to cut it open, but I wouldn't let him. :) Anyway, I came in 2nd in Monopoly, which isn't bad. I didn't play great, but it was fun.

Before we went, Travis and I wore Spencer out by playing soccer with him. He seemed to enjoy that, and he took a nap after dinner. After we got home at about 11:30, he had myriad of energy though, despite Travis' claims that he would be sleepy. He, of course, didn't want to run around outside, so I played with him inside until sometime after 12:00am. After getting up at 6:00 this morning, he didn't want to play outside again, or go for a walk, so I played with him inside. Playing soccer with him didn't work this morning :/ Anyway, is behaving well for a puppy, and seems to be biting less, at least not as hard. He will soon be well learned.

Since Spencer didn't sleep much last night, neither did I. I need to get lots of caffeine in me before me 10:00 meeting.

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