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Lot's of problems, not too many solutions

We are having lot's of problems at work right now, and I am trying to fix them, but the problems don't happen on my computer, so keep having to send files to the testers and let them play a bit. This is too hectic for my tastes. I did managed to get my Java program working this morning, and even documented the code and submitted it, so that is out of the way, which means I won't have to do it over the weekend! I will have some parallel to work on, but at least that is somewhat fun, probably because it is easier, and I understand what is going on. I should look into whether or not Delphi has any way to run parallel code, or if I can get some sort of parallel module for it. That would be way cool. I also have a discrete test this afternoon, which should be too difficult, and I reviewed it for a few hours yesterday, but I got caught up in my Java and worked on that instead of studying for the test. I plan on studying over lunch and maybe leave work a bit early and study before class a bit too. I don't think this weekend will be too bad, which is a nice switch, since I will have my Java done.

I'm hungry now, but I may skip lunch, haven't decided yet. It's a lot easier to get things done when you have more time... back to work, or studying, or both.

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