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Brakes work

It turns out that my anti-lock breaks DO work. I was going to Buffalo Wild Wings last night, going straight through a green light, and 3 kids on bicycle cross the street in front of me (against the red light). I didn't hit any of them, and didn't stall the car, but the anti-lock breaks and seatbelts work good. I was a little ticked off though. Why would you cut in front of a car at night? I digress though.

I went running with Bret last night, and we didn't go very far (just 1.5 miles), but it was a nice day for running and I felt good. I know in High School I couldn't do 1.5 miles without stopping, and when I started my running adventures, I made it barely .5 miles the first time out before I felt like I was going to pass out, so I am glad to see I have progressed, and I don't have a "runner's build", so I may never actually get to 5 miles. We'll see.

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