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John Williams Rocks

Just got back from the Eastman Theatre, where THE John Williams was conducting his own work. He also got an honorary doctorate from University of Rochester Eastman School of Music. The performance was REALLY cool, and he did pieces from Far and Away, Schindler's List, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, to name a few. It was quite the concert, and the tickets were only $8, which was really good. I am really thankful to Travis that he found out about the concert. This whole concert made today much better. The performers, who are all students were really amazing too.

I finished my discrete this morning, and think I did it correctly, and then tweaked the parallel a bit, and now I am reheating dinner, and I have to do some real work stuff, like finish Don's review, and read some more on Perl. The Perl book I got is really good though, so at least I won't be falling asleep reading it.

Time to listen to some John Williams tunes.

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