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Running (and not being chased)

I went running again yesterday, like I do on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I went despite the oppressive October heat (yes, you heard that right). Anyway, I ran 2 miles in less than 18 minutes, which I am pretty happy with. I wanted to go for 2.5 miles, but a got a cramp at about 1.5 miles, and just couldn't make it. Oh well, I will be hopefully doing 2.5 on Thursday.

The problem with running in upstate NY is that it gets cold and snowy in the winter. That is a problem we are going to have to deal with soon. A treadmill would be a viable option, if I could 1) find a good place to put it, 2) had the money to buy one.

The other thing that is bothering me with this whole exercise thing is that I don't seem to be loosing any weight/getting more muscular. Scott came over last night and commented that Travis and Bret both looked like they had lost some weight, and Bret's brother mentioned that Bret had lost some weight. No such comment for Jeremy. This is compounded by the fact that Travis isn't even running! On a more positive note, I did weigh myself last night, and according to the scale, I might have actually lost some weight, but I am convinced it was a fluke of the scale.

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