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Well, I went to the store yesterday to pick up some stuff for dinner and returned to find out that Travis had turned on the heat! I can't really blame him though, since it got down to about 30 last night. The house was cool all day yesterday (about 60), so I guess it's ok. I got a good bit of work done yesterday, rearranged some furniture, bought a water filter for Travis to take to work, reprogrammed the remote 3 times, and cleaned up. I didn't get around to vacuuming, because the vacuum still smells of vomit, and doesn't work too well to boot, so I will end up buying a new vacuum in the not too distant future. I think I like the one mom has.

Anyway, I didn't get a weekend recap yesterday, since I was busy doing house type stuff. The trip down was ridden with traffic and therefore mostly unenjoyable. Spencer didn't seem to mind though. He traveled very well. The actual visiting went well. We watched Monster's, Inc, went to The Horse Inn for dinner, and hung out a lot. In general, Spencer did extremely well, perhaps better than I expected. My mom's friend Carol had her cell phone stolen, which seems to me a pretty stupid thing to steal, but what do I know?

Anyway, my finger is feeling slightly better today, but it still hurts to use it, so I think I won't.

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