What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Strange Postal Worker

I was going out to dinner on Saturday night, and we decided to go to Tully's, because the line was short (20 minute wait). Well, at Tully's, they don't take your name, instead, they give you a balloon with a letter on it, and they come find your balloon when a table is ready. I took my balloon, sat down, and started chatting with the people I was with. Suddenly a guy sits down next to me, and we has a conversation that went something like:
Strange Guy: You waiting for a table?
Me: Yes
Strange Guy: Me Too. Do you need a balloon to get a table.
Me: I think so, but I just told them I wanted a table, and they gave me a balloon.
Strange Guy: Well, I don't want to take a balloon.
Me: Ok
... 10 minutes pass...
Strange Guy: Bye guys
Me: Umm, bye.

And he walks out, gets in his car and drives off.


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