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Need for Speed, and other random stuff.

So, I have been playing a bunch of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit lately, and while I am generally better than Travis or Bret, and can't seem to get past a course. Well, that's not entirely true, I can get 1.7 seconds away from 1st place. Not a big deal, except that the course is only 1:15 long, so making up almost 2 seconds is difficult at best. I will conquer this yet.

I have decided that I need a new A/V rack, so instead of buying one for like $500 that will suite my needs, I am going to build one for $100-$150 that will fit my needs perfectly. If the first one turns out ok, I'll be doing a 2nd one for about the same price. Anyway, when it's all said and done, it is supposed to look like this, but I am just doing the sides (no middle section), and it'll be in a piano black finish. I am hoping to get all the parts this weekend, and do the cutting/pre assembly in order to ship the boards to get finished early next week. I could finish them myself, but when I can get someone else to do it, why not?

In other random news, I weighed myself again last night, and the scale says I'm at 188, which is wrong (it's heavy by 5-8 pounds), so I actually weigh 180-183 or so. I guess the running is actually helping. I'll be happy when I am in at 170 or so again, or at least not pear shaped :)

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