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Day 2

Happy Tuesday (day 2 of the week). Anyway, I got home yesterday and saw Spencer's food sitting on the counter, his bowl hadn't moved. I let him out and got his food ready because he hadn't eaten lunch, or gone for his midday walk. He managed not to pee in his crate though, so I was happy. His first night of puppy school went well, he didn't pee on the floor there either :) He did manage to play well with other dogs, but didn't come when called. We'll be working on that.

I did manage to pick up the abstract for the house from the attorney yesterday. It was interesting reading (detailing the sale of the land back to 1865). It was humorous how they described the parcel as being 8 rods from the 6th chain of 15th link of a fence.

In more good news, the Eagles won. I am happy today!

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