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Not enough time

I telecommuted today so I could get other things done besides work. Well, I did, and it took me over 2 hours to do my discrete homework, which wouldn't normally be too bad (that's a lie, it is always bad), except that it was only 4 problems. Worse yet is that I am pretty sure I didn't do half of them correctly. At least there are only 4 more discrete classes left, plus 1 test. I studied for my Java test a bit today too, which went well, since the last 2 questions of the test (which I was unsure about) were removed because of a copier problem. I will be ready for them on the final though.

Parallel was a bit boring tonight, probably because it was like 90 in the room I had class in, which made it hard to concentrate. We don't have class on Monday, again, which I can't complain about, and we are going to have some sort of party or something the last day of class. Way cool.

Finally in today's news, President Clinton is coming to town on Friday for a teachers conference or something like that, which means I probably won't be able to get a parking spot, so I MAY just telecommute then, so I don't need to deal with it, especially since I am getting my car inspected Friday afternoon. Speaking of which, my one headlight is out, I just bought those like 6 months ago.... oh well. Time to prepare for a long nap.

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