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It was a so so day. It was rather busy at work, and I have a lot of figuring out to do, which isn't a bad thing, not really a good thing either when I think about it. Discrete class was short, and we got our tests back (I got a 92), but the new stuff we are doing is really confusing. At least there are only 3 classes of this stuff (and 1 test).

I spent way too much time trying to change the headlight in my car, since the drivers side one had gone out (I just got those headlights like 6 months ago). Well, I remember getting the old one out last time, but trying to repeat the process was not going too well. I finally called Travis down and of course he got it out in just a few minutes. (Note to self: the clips for the electrical plug are inside the big black cap). I also changed my windshield wipers (much easier), and cleaner out the inside of my car a bit.

No big plans today, aside from getting my car inspected, and doing homework and cleaning. Yeah, I suppose. Off to get some work done.

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