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Burning a hole in my pocket

Well, it was quite the afternoon. I was trying to resize my partitions on my hard drive, but apparently Partition Magic 6 doesn't yet work on drives formatted with windows xp. oh well. At 12:30 I went to get my car inspected at the Dorschel. After I finally figured out where to put my car, I went in and found out that the inspection was $14, not too bad. Now, I knew I was going to need new front tires, not sure why though since I just got new front tires put on in Dec 1999, about 20,000 miles ago. The previous tires were $90 each, so you think they would have lasted. The tread was low though, I can't argue that. Maybe my tires were switched when I got my transmission work done or something. Not that it matters now. The new tires were $70 each + $20 labor, so the same price. Of course my car has expensive tires. I also needed new power steering belts, which were cheap ($17 and $12 each), but the labor was $70 to put them on. I also had a taillight out. So, when it was all said and done, I was out $375. I also got gas today, to add another $20 to that :). It took 3 hours for them to finish everything, and they said that my front drivers side rim was bent, and of course my car has expensive rims to go with the expensive tires ($167). I didn't get that replaced (this time). So, when it was all said and done, it passed inspection, and I get new tires, in the front.

I was planning on getting lunch after I left the car place, but didn't get out of there till 4 (glad I took my laptop), so I just skipped and waited for dinner. I went down to Scott's to help him set up his new computer, and was there for all of an hour, then I came back and Jennie, Travis, Eric and I went to Dinosaur BBQ for dinner. The food was excellent, and we took a brief look at the former Rochester subway. I still haven't gotten my program for work to function correctly, and I am getting frustrated at it. At least I don't have a Java project this weekend.

Off to get ready for bed...

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