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Should've been a photographer?

Well, maybe I shouldn't have been a photographer, but I took some nice pictures today. Travis, Jennie, Eric and I went to Letchworth State park, and went on a hike. We were gone for a few hours, which was good exercise. On the way back, the radio in my car decided to stop working, so I am going to take it to get fixed later this week (it's still under warrenty). After I put an old tape player in my car (yuck), I went out with Eric to get some photo paper for the printer, and I printed out a few of the pictures below. They turned out really nice when printed. I then did my discrete homework, which didn't take too terribly long, but I am still confused on how to do some stuff, but not as much as I was last week. I have a headache now though, so it is time to get ready for bed, but first...

...here is a sampling of the pictures (click for MUCH larger views - these will take a while to download). To view the entire collections, you can go Here. Here are a few of my favorites (I think the 4th one is my favorite):


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