What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

New Years eve plan.

I don't know exactly I'm doing tonight. I am going to get some wings around 7pm, have some drinks and then who knows. I'll probably come back home and watch a movie and play some games (video or board) with some people, or myself. It'd be kind of nice to turn on the radio, listen to one of those "these are all the crappy top 40 songs from the past year" countdowns, and play something like Monopoly or Risk, or play some video games like Rallisport Challenge, or other multiplayer goodness. I remember spending some of my youthful days doing similar things. Those were fun... at least memorable. We'll see what REALLY happens.

Tomorrow I think I have a plan. Glen will be over, and we'll be working on a jigsaw puzzle. I also picked up a massive pork roast for the traditional New Years day meal of pork and sauerkraut. I think I'll have lots of extra food, so I am trying to find people that will come at the last minute.

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