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Year in review

This year has definitely been interesting. A lot of things have happened in 365 days. Some good, some bad. By in large though, this year has had more ups than downs.

January was an uneventful. I got a raise at work, and learned lots of new stuff, regarding work. January, like this year was a tough month emotionally, just because it follows the holidays.

February sucked. I got sick for about a week, and then about 1 week before my dad's birthday, I got word that my grandfather had died. He's the first person that I was close to that has died. It's the first funeral I've been too, and hopefully the last for a LONG time.

March didn't have anything really positive or negative going on, this is neither good nor bad

April wasn't fun. I managed to get very sick in April, and missed several days of work. The problem didn't fully go away until June, I think, and it was not fun. It was the first time in 5 years I had seen a doctor. Nothing else too exciting happened.

May was fun. It was my first spring in the house, and I enjoyed it, despite the large amounts of rain. It was a good month.

June was good. Ultimate Frisbee season started again, and I decided I should get more in shape (not pear shape). I saw my family a bunch and had good times with friends. This is what life is supposed to be.

July was ok. Personally I had a good month, I turned 25 (I feel like I'm getting old), and nothing bad happened. Work, on the other hand, sucked. I felt under appreciated at was very annoyed at some coworkers. Most of these issues have been resolved though.

August was good and bad. I had another good month personally. I got a puppy, and was being very social. It was a good time to be around. Work went more downhill. Coworkers continued to disappoint me, but I didn't let it affect my work. I kept going. Getting a puppy dog made August worth while.

September wasn't bad. I learned a lot about raising a puppy. I saw my family some more, and generally can't complain.

October brought in some cold weather and not much else.

November saw puppy school starting and work improving, with the me getting mad about it slightly less. Fall sure crept up fast. Thanksgiving was good, and I got to hang out with my mom, which is always fun.

December just rolled by. It's almost over and it just flew by. Spencer is getting big, and work is finally really looking up. I've got good friends and good family. I'm thankful they are part of my life as the year closes.

Sometime throughout the year, I made 2 new good friends. I am pretty lousy at making friends, so it was nice to be introduced to Jason and Glen, and have the opportunity to hang out with them. They've been nothing but nice and helpful. It's good to meet people like them.

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