What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
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Weekend in a nutshell

Well, the weekend was pretty good. I played SimCity a bunch, and have determined I need a faster machine to play at the best graphics settings... donations accepted. I also watched football (stupid Eagles), although the AFC games in High Definition was REALY pretty. Glen and I finished the puzzle, minus the piece that Spencer ate.

Speaking of Spencer eating, he got sick yesterday morning after eating a bunch of the form inside of his bed. I am beginning to wonder if he'll ever learn. He did get my up early this morning because he needed to go out... I wanted to sleep.

The parking garage was mostly full this morning, which isn't fun, and it's especially bad, since none of the federal employees are working today. At least I didn't have to park on the roof.

(Just for Travis, I'm setting my mood)

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