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What a day

Well, I had Nero Burning Rom software screw up my computer, so I had to reinstall the OS. What fun that was. I also got the rest of the parts to get my linux box working (for the firewall when Eric moves out). Had a few issues setting that up too. Overall it has been a really busy day, but I am not further along with anything than I was about 10 hours ago.

It was a really nice day out, although a bit cool. I can handle that though, better than being too hot. I have to prep for the presentation that I have tomorrow evening as well, and... well, actually that's about it. I am really happy that this is the last week of classes (ever, at RIT). It is already the middle of May (well almost). Time sure does fly anymore. Ahhh, what are you going to do?

I think it is almost time to get ready for bed though.

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