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Another cold one

It's cold, again. In more weather related news, we have had snowfall every day in January to date. It's getting ridiculous. The windshield washers nozzles on my car froze this morning. Not a good thing. Hopefully they'll be better by the time I go home this afternoon. It is supposed to warm up past 20 tomorrow, which is like a heat wave! Personally, I don't generally mind winter, but I am really looking forward to Spring. It's especially disheartening to know that the Rochester average snowfall is 90 inches/year. So far this year, we've had 100 inches, and we haven't even hit February. Any bets on whether we hit 200 inches?

The game last night wasn't bad, although I would have preferred a closer game. The commercials were generally pretty good, and I must say the FedEx one, with the play on Cast Away. There were some other decent ones too.

Travis was up most of last night, sick. I don't know why he is ill, but he didn't get it from me :) Anyway, he is home today, it seems, which is a good thing. The bad part is that RG&E is supposed to turn off our power for 3 hours today. Hopefully it'll be delayed until next week because of the cold.

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