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Sunday blah, and parking.

It's a little dull today. This is the first weekend in a while that I haven't been extremely busy. It is nice though, not having to rush around all the time. I have some cleaning I should do, and laundry. Typical Sunday stuff. My goal today is to find something productive to do. It will be more difficult to accomplish this goal though, since it's snowing (Only 3 more weeks of February).

Anyway, now is a good a time as any to speak of the executive parking garage in Minnesota. It's impressive. It's the basement of the building (about 3/4 of the basement), and it has nice baby blue painted floors. When I was down there, there was a puddle on the floor, but just one, and it was gone the next day. There were no other spots on the floor. No oil spots, no dirt, nothing. For the people that get to park there, they get their car washed once a week. Nice. That place makes the executive parking lot in Rochester seem pointless.

I think I'll recap my trip later, since the daily entries didn't really do it justice while I was out there, due to lack of time. I didn't find anything to take pictures of though. Oh well.

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