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Last day of class

The last day of class went OK. Nothing exciting, just reviewed for the final, which is Monday. I found out we are allowed to have a cheat sheet though, so I can't say it wasn't worth going. I think this is the 1st quarter in a long time (maybe ever) that I haven't missed a class for any reason (being sick, having more important things, etc). If I get a 4.0 this quarter, maybe I should've done it earlier. Oh well.

I got a check from my dad for the class ring today, that was a pleasant surprise. I also got my haircut, and had free lunch, and got lots of real work done. All in all it was a good day. I think I will go play the guitar now... haven't done that in a while.

A final note about the Enflex project... guess I better make a heck of an impression. Deliver more than they expect, and everything they want. Should be fun.

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