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A couple hours late, but here it is...

It's always nice to get emails like this:

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Jeremy Brown to Senior Software Engineer (MTS2).

Since joining West in November 1999, Jeremy has contributed his excellent technical skills to a number of projects. Jeremy came a long way in 2002 as he transitioned into more of a lead role. He served as technical lead with project management duties on the Enflex product line. This included the Enflex web product, as well as the CD offering. He exceeded the expectations of the business unit as he delivered product functionality that was being requested for years. In addition, Jeremy was asked to move around quite a bit on multiple projects, such as FIT conversion, RIA forms, and PREMISE/LawDesk. He performed admirably on all, always approaching tasks with enthusiasm.

Jeremy continues to exceed expectations in 2003. He has come up to speed in very short order to become a vital member of the PREMISE/LawDesk development team. He lead the development of PREMISE 3.8 to on-time completion, and has stepped up to a lead technical and project management role for the PREMISE 4.0 32-bit conversion project. I look forward to witnessing Jeremy's continued growth this year and beyond.

Please join me in congratulating Jeremy on his promotion!

Brian McLaughlin

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