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Another day, another stuck vehicle (and other random thoughts)

The vehicle in front of me in the parking garage this morning ignored the "No Vehicles over 6ft" sign. I had to wait for him to right himself before I could park. Oh well, worse things have happened. It's Wednesday, which means only 2 more mornings!

Daylight savings time is coming up. While this is a good thing because of the 'extra' daylight, it will no doubt confused Spencer terribly.

I got my haircut last night, and I feel 5 pounds lighter. Waiting 9 weeks between haircuts is not a good idea.

BWW was good last night. We actually had a bunch of people come out, although Scott was still unable to make it, maybe someday. On the way there, we stopped at 'BBCC' to pick up C.S.I. The Complete First Season, and the vista series of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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