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Monday meeting day and other ponderments

It's Monday, which means I have a couple meetings. It's not so bad, since I scheduled one of them. I might actually get something done after lunch.

On Friday, Jason sent word that he had a chance to get 'pre-sale' tickets for a concert in town in May. The concert is Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and Dena Carter. It's funny, a couple years ago I wouldn't have even given a 2nd thought about going. Now, I am looking forward to it. It amazing how much my music tastes have expanded over the last couple years. They haven't really migrated, just expanded. There isn't really any type of music I don't like. There are some pieces of music I don't like, but no genre I particularly avoid.

Last night, my dinner plans got cancelled, so Jason and Glen came over, and Jason grilled. Dinner was pretty decent, and then we watched some TV and played some games. It's always fun to have people over to play some video games. I have determined that we need to have a video game tournament. Get 12-16 people over, offer food, and play some Halo. 4 teams of 4 people would be really cool. I need to find 14 other people to participate though, since Bret is out until his thesis is done :-)

I should probably get something done before the 1st meeting...

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