March 18th, 2001


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Well, I passed my Amateur Radio General test yesterday, by the skin of my teeth, but passing is passing. Now I need to save up some serious cash to get an HF rig of some sort. I was looking at the ICOM IC-706MKIIG, or the IC-746. Both are nice. The 746 has more power, which is good, but the 706 is portable. We can just forget about the IC-756, although it is a really nice looking radio, but doesn't do UHF and VHF, which is something I would like.

In other news, I managed to get 100,000 miles on my car yesterday. I drive too much.

I picked up a copy of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. I played that way too much yesterday, and will probably do the same thing today. I am a sucker for RTS games, what can I say.

Time to get some homework done. Yuck.
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