April 2nd, 2001



Well, it looks like I messed up my Desktop computer trying to install Windows xp Beta 2. I can't boot into any of my OSes right now. I am attempting to recover my Windows 2000 computer as I write this....

I found a paper to do for my parallel paper presentation. It is on solving bioinformatics problems on Compaq alpha machines, in parallel. So, it fits the bill perfectly. I just need to email him so that no one picks it before me.

I got Lawrence of Arabia in the mail today. Won't be able to watch it till the weekend though because I have a Discrete 2 test tomorrow, and a Java test on Wednesday. And I will have Discrete homework due Thursday. It's all fun :)

Time to finish getting the computer working.... it boots now, but the drive letters are wrong.... argh.... and then I need to go to bed.
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It's fixed.

After several attempts, it seems that win2000 is working again. Now, windows 98, that's a different story..... hmmm. Let's see if I can not screw it up by installing win xp again.