April 11th, 2001


When does 87=91?

87=91 when you take a discrete math test, apparently. It seems the the good professor forgot to record the grades. He said that anyone that handed their test back in for recording would get an extra 4 points, anyone that didn't hand it in would just not have that test counted toward their overall grade. I chose the former, so I got a 91. I really should have done better, but I was over thinking some problems. Ah well.

Nissan unveils their new vehicle this afternoon, or maybe it's just an update to a current car. Either way, I think I want one, even though I haven't yet seen it. The Subaru Imprezza WRX is another really nice car, and not too terribly expensive. I need to start saving my pennies. So, my choices for a new car are the subaru, the new Nissan (maybe), or Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V. There are many cars that are really nice right now. I still want something with 4 doors, and probably not much smaller as far as leg room (in the back), so a mid-size will work. Something with a better turning radius than my current Altima would be real nice though. Makes it much easier to avoid the pillars in the parking garage .
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