April 21st, 2001


Here we go again

Well, it's been a real busy last couple of days, as you can probably tell by the complete lack of updates. Thursday was pretty uneventful. Fixed the slow ADO problem at work by installing the Jet 4.0 Service Pack, and then I rewrote the about box, and went to class. The discrete 2 test got pushed back, again. Now it is going to be this coming up Thursday. I would just like to take the stupid thing at this point in the game. I have managed to get 100% on my last couple homeworks though, which is good. I think I have my final the Monday (the 21st of May) after I am going to Albany for a 7pm concert on the 20th, which is bad. I got home and actually did my discrete homework, and then Eric and I went to Woody's II for dinner. Came home and went to bed.

Let's see, Friday morning was a fairly productive day at work. I went home at noon, per the usual Friday ritual, and I got my oil changed on the way home. After I got home, Eric wanted to go to Rowe Audio and Video to buy some Paradigm Studio Reference ADP surround sound speakers, but I wanted the FedEx man to deliver my memory first, so after he came, Travis Eric and I went to get the speakers. At 4:00 we went out to Home Depot to pick up some 12ga. speaker wire. We decided to go with that based on the recommendation from people at Home Theater Forum, and at $0.30/ft, you can't really go wrong. I was supposed to pick up Scott from work at 4:30, but was a little late since everyone at Home Depot is really nice, and the guy was all but giving us a tour of the store. Well, after we left there, I went to pick up Scott, since he wanted to pick up his bike from Park Ave Bike Shop, since I have the roof rack on my car. Well, after he got it all adjusted and such, Jennie met us (Eric, Travis, Scott and me) and we went to T.G.I. Friday's for dinner. After we came back, Eric Scott and I spent a while spent a while trying to strip and tin the ends of the new speaker wires, and since Eric wanted to biwire the speakers, we had to do a bunch extra. The problem, we realized, was that we wouldn't be able to get 2 12ga. wires into the amp, so we gave up for the night, and I worked on the parallel project, a bunch, until 2am or so.

Slept in this morning a bit, and then woke up and worked on the parallel project some more. Eric and I decided to get some banana plugs for the amp, so we went out to Radio Shack to get some. It turns out that they were too small. We eventually went to Rowe to get some bigger ones, which are working great right now. I spent many hours attempting to get my parallel project working today, and the ADO (database) stuff was giving me a strange error, but only on my desktop, it worked on the laptop. This wouldn't be a problem, except that I like to develop on my desktop, because it is faster, has a bigger monitor, and the keyboard is better. I thought it might have something to do with Windows xp, or Office xp, which I didn't like the thought of. I decided to check out Borland's site, and noticed there was a patch for ADO which solved the problem I was having. Sigh. Travis, Jennie, Eric and I went to Pizza Cafe for dinner, and then went to Dick's Sporting Goods so Jennie could get something, and then we went up to Irondequoit mall, so that we could go to a Dairy Queen. I must say, that is the most dilapidated mall I have ever seen. Half the stores (literally) were closed, and there was no one there. Really sad. Came back and watched all the TV programs I have missed over the week. Now I am here, writing a really long entry. I need to work on the parallel some more tonight, but I am getting tired.
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