April 24th, 2001


Insurance is... fun?

Wow, has this been an interesting day so far. Went to get an insurance quote, and I got auto and renters insurance from an Erie agent (Leighton) up here in Rochester, and the gentleman gave me a rate of $608/year, which was really good, so I decided to throw renters insurance on top for $70/year. Well, on the way to work, there was an accident that made getting to work take forever. Sigh. When I got to work, I called the Hinkle agent in PA to cancel my old policy. Well, shortly after that, I was told that my rate was wrong, and that the correct rate was $1099/year, because he put me in the 24+ category. Well, me being not too happy, I tried to figure something out. I couldn't use my PA insurance in NY, which would have the new rates come Aug 5, and the new NY rates wouldn't take affect until Apr 2002, which is not good for me. After a bunch of haggling, I am getting a new policy written in Aug, when my PA would have expired, so... I will be able to get my car registered in NY, and everything else is cool.

I have a Java project to do, and a discrete test on Thursday, but no Parallel class tomorrow, so maybe I can get everything done.... almost time to go to class.
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