April 26th, 2001


Lot's of problems, not too many solutions

We are having lot's of problems at work right now, and I am trying to fix them, but the problems don't happen on my computer, so keep having to send files to the testers and let them play a bit. This is too hectic for my tastes. I did managed to get my Java program working this morning, and even documented the code and submitted it, so that is out of the way, which means I won't have to do it over the weekend! I will have some parallel to work on, but at least that is somewhat fun, probably because it is easier, and I understand what is going on. I should look into whether or not Delphi has any way to run parallel code, or if I can get some sort of parallel module for it. That would be way cool. I also have a discrete test this afternoon, which should be too difficult, and I reviewed it for a few hours yesterday, but I got caught up in my Java and worked on that instead of studying for the test. I plan on studying over lunch and maybe leave work a bit early and study before class a bit too. I don't think this weekend will be too bad, which is a nice switch, since I will have my Java done.

I'm hungry now, but I may skip lunch, haven't decided yet. It's a lot easier to get things done when you have more time... back to work, or studying, or both.
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Stressed no more

Well, I have been stressed a lot recently, but I am doing pretty good now. The discrete test seemed pretty easy. I thought the last one was hard, and I got an 87, so I would expect to do better on this one. I have some discrete homework to do, and some parallel to work on, but I am pretty much caught up with schoolwork at the moment Yeah me. I plan on going to the DMV tomorrow to get my new license and registration. The forms are too explicit about what to do for transferring an out of state registration though, since the car isn't being sold, but I should be able to deal with it.

I got a letter in the mail today saying that the CS dept (specifically Hank Etlinger) wants to do an exit interview with me. That should be interesting. I also got my loan information package. And my Perkins loan is set at $55/month for 10 years! (I think I will be able to pay that off before then).

Time to go clean something.
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