May 9th, 2001


Need sleep

Well, once again I didn't go to bed until after midnight. I really need to stop getting preoccupied, but it always seems that I find something to do which will keep me occupied for a few hours around 9 or 10 at night... oh well.

I did my discrete homework this morning, it was pretty easy, and I actually understand this stuff. I can just hope we aren't having the test tomorrow, but the prof didn't mention it.

This weekend should be pretty laid back, I hope. I need to clean, and do laundry, and take my car stereo to get fixed, and work on the parallel presentation, and catch up on some movies, and probably do some discrete, but through all this, it is far less work than I have had in past weeks.

Finally, Myst III is out, which will keep me very occupied when I get a copy - I should probably wait until after finals :)
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La Di Dah, or is it Dah Di La?

Today was ok. The West Group horse for the Horses on Parade is unveiled tomorrow during an ice cream social. I think I will attend. Class was a bit dull, although we have a review session next Wednesday in Java, so only one more REAL class. Parallel was equally as uneventful, with the presentations, but I asked lots of questions, which is good.

I got my drivers license in the mail today, nothing spectacular, although the picture is better than the PA one (which admittedly is very old). So, either way, now it's official.

Eric got a message from Lockheed Martin today saying that he passed the drug and background test/check. So he will be leaving me. Gee, a lot of things became official today. One more thing that's official, is that I am tired, and really need to get ready for bed.
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