May 14th, 2001


Happy Monday

I slept in a bit this morning because I knew I wouldn't have my computer back at work until after 9. I got in and waited around for an hour or so before I finally got it back and working in one piece. The IS guy was giving me a hard time about having ICQ installed on my laptop, and he also gave me a serious attitude about having Apache installed on my computer, which I have installed because the same department wouldn't install Microsoft's IIS on my computer - geesh. He also took off webshots, which I don't really care about. I did manage to get the new drive though, and it is working pretty well. I have free space again, which is always an upshot. With all this space, I copied the rest of the Enflex database, and I now have 134,000 files on my computer.

My new manager offered to take me lunch (presumably to do my 1-on-1), but I was already eating, so I guess another time.

My presentation is this evening. Not too worried about it. I have too many other things to worry about other than a silly presentation.
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