May 30th, 2001



I got a 4.0 this quarter. All A's. I guess I am going out with a bang! Yippie!
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Will I ever figure out UPS?

I went over Travis' this morning to hang out a bit, and decided that I was going to come back and wait for UPS to deliver a package for Eric (which apparently has my name on it), since it was the final attempt, and the slip from yesterday said they were going to deliver between 2 and 5. It also said an adult signature was required (in person). So I figured I would hop down here at around 2 and wait for him to deliver, and I would sign my life away to the man who drives the big brown truck. Well, at 1:50, I was leaving Travis' and I see the UPS man at the bottom of the stairs, delivering something for Travis. I ask him if he has already done the other side of the complex, and of course he has (before 2:00). I ask him if I can get the package for 88 High Manor #7, and he says sure. He hands it to me, without getting an ID, or a signature, or pretty much any sort of confirmation on who _I_ was! So, why couldn't they just have left it is beyond me.

Did some work on Boo-Boo today, with the whole webpage thing, and it is coming along nicely, which is always a plus. Slept in kind of late this morning, which I won't complain about, and I am attempting to enjoy the sunny weather, but it is a bit cool for my tastes. Travis got his new ham radio today, and he is up there playing with that, and I am down here writing this. I need to think about getting dinner soon though, maybe we'll watch a movie tonight.

Oh, I have decided that I need to save up my money for one of these puppies
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