June 5th, 2001



So I couldn't decided what to do for lunch. Which I shouldn't have eaten cause I am still feeling lousy, and I was thinking to myself, "If I was Don, working at home, I would have a Salisbury Steak TV dinner." Well, I ICQ'd Don asking him how his Salisbury steak was, and he was like "How'd you know?" I have no idea. Like I said, weird, him being 300 miles away and all.

So, the housing situation is still interesting. Apparently there are lots of houses around here, and for reasonable prices, but I still don't have any money for a down payment, which makes things far more difficult. There is a nice home showcase at Northnagle Realtors. I need to find someone to live with though, as to keep living costs down, to save money for a home, etc. Maybe in the next year or 2....
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