June 19th, 2001


It's (only) Tuesday

It's been a hectic week, and it is only Tuesday, oh well.

I have been looking hard for a place to live, which wouldn't be too hard except that I don't know what exactly I am looking for. I'll come up with something. As an aside, it seems I can get a $125,000 mortgage with 5% down, which puts me (and Travid nicely in a $100,000-$120,000 house). This is all getting far too confusing. The payments for that are $1182 (not including taxes and insurance). Either way, between Travis and I, that is still less than what we are paying now in rent ($680 x 2 = $1360). I just need to come up with $5000 for a down payment and other associated costs, which actually should be feasible, depending on what I get from the Company (I submitted a request for $5979, although undergrads are only supposed to get $5000, so we will see.

More on the housing front. Going to look at places to rent this afternoon. 1 townhouse at Westbrooke Commons, which is only 2 BR, so I think I will probably pass, and the other is a house to rent. Stress, I seem to thrive on it :)
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