June 28th, 2001



Seems I get to go to Cleveland, OH for a business trip at the end of July. They are calling it a 'summit', but it only a day long... I wish they would've picked someplace like Seattle, or San Francisco, but no.

Went to bed late again last night. I was attempting to play a game, Cossacks. I was doing really well, and then things went downhill, and I lost. The game is fairly entertaining though. Of course, I have always been a sucker for RTS games.

Lots of stuff to do at work today, and I get to get up early tomorrow to take my car in. Not something I am really looking forward to. Oh well.
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Something funny

Well, I went to Ultimate Frisbee tonight, and we lost, by one, which is not too surprising since they could substitute their entire team (7 people per team), and we only had 3 subs tonight, since a few people were out. Oh well. The funny part is that the other team thought I was the 'fast guy' on my team. This isn't entirely untrue, I guess, but I wouldn't consider myself a speed demon. I just found this sort of funny.

Overall, it's been a busy day. Travis wants me to go to Pittsburgh with him again this weekend. I don't really want to go, since we are going to the other side of PA on Tuesday or Wednesday. At least tomorrow is Friday.
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