June 29th, 2001


This is the worst pain ever.

The worst pain ever... no, not being at work prior to 7:30, actually that is kind of nice in the summer. Last night during Ultimate Frisbee warmups, I rolled my ankle (not the one that I broke a few years ago), and I walked it off. It was fine for the rest of the game and for the trip home. When I got home and took off my shoe, it suddenly began hurting. I woke up this morning and couldn't walk. Trying to put my shoe on this morning was a real chore. I took some Tylenol this morning and it is helping now. The funny thing is that it isn't at all swelled, it just hurts.

And this isn't really the worst pain ever. It hurt a lot more when I broke the other ankle. At least there is no frisbee game next week.
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Jeremy vs. Netscape, round 1.

I had a battle with Netscape Enterprise server today. It wasn't giving me helpful error messages, which makes it really hard to fix the problems. Well, after about 6 hours, I win. My code works. I made a backup, just in case.

My car is fixed too. It was $68, and it was a loose heat plate, or something like that. All I care is that it's fixed.
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