July 2nd, 2001


One more day

One one more workday this week. I love holidays :)

It has been a busy day here at work. I have been fixing lots of bugs getting ready for the build we were supposed to do today, which has been pushed back, mostly because I was working on other projects all last week.

I am going with Travis to look at a house tonight. It doesn't look like a bad place, but it doesn't look like the best in the world either. We'll have to see the inside first.

In other news, it is a absolutely wonderful day here in Rochester. It is bright and sunny, and 65 degrees F. This is odd, considering it is July, even for Rochester. I am not going to complain though, I wish everyday was like this. I also wish it was the weekend so I could spend the time outside.

I called and got a truck for the move on July 21 to the temporary place. I also have to get mail forwarded, and cancel utilities, and all sorts of fun stuff real soon here too, though it probably won't get done until after I return from my trip.

On one final note, my office mate lost her key, and the maintenance guy came and tried to tell me we didn't need a lock on the door. I told him we did, and he asked why, so I had to explain it to him. More to the point, I had to make up something. I am a little bit on the not-pleased side that my office mate lost her key in the first place...

Time to get back to work.
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