July 7th, 2001


Busy weekend

I was in PA for most of this week, and I have been busy. My aunt and uncle were in town today, so I spent some time with them, and my grandparents. It was a good time, discussing all sorts of current events, movies, etc. Last night my brother and I spent a good deal of time goofing off and going through some of the stuff that my mom has kept that we grew up with, that was neat. I also spent a good deal of time remembering a trip I (and some family members) took to Block Island, RI in the summer of 1997. I wish I had a trip like that now (that I am in the real world). All in all, it has been a pretty nostalgic weekend, which is always fun. I also finally picked out my graduation present, which is a painting. I had to order it, and I should have it in about 3 weeks, and when I get it, I will most a picture of it (which is going to be a picture of a picture, strange).

I did a lot of physical labor this weekend, but I also had lots of fun, so it was worth it. I am getting up bright and early tomorrow to go back to Rochester, so I can get some stuff taken care of there.

More, and longer, update when I get back to Rochester and my own computer... it is tough (and nice) being away from a computer for a few days.
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