September 18th, 2001


It is only Tuesday.

I had a pretty uneventful Monday. I picked up the skis that I had bought a couple months ago. Now I just need snow, although I can't say I want it to snow :). I went over to Travis' afterwards, ate some dinner, and watch some TV (nothing exciting). Came home and went to bed early. I was really tired for some reason. I woke up early (of course), and for some reason I thought it was Sunday. Weird, because when I woke up Sunday, I thought it was Monday. Hopefully the rest of the week will feel like Friday :)

Work this morning has been stressful. I don't have the files I need, and all sort of other strange errors. Could be worse though. I have it all but working, and I am just waiting to get access to the new version of a file with a function I need.

It is kind of dreary here today (I think, no window), and I am hungry. Nothing too big planned for today.
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